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managing on metrics

Start working ON your business by managing on KPI's

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In this webinar you WILl learn:


You should manage on KPIs

All those corporate rules and structures - wasn't that one of the reasons to build your own business? But there are good reasons to learn some things from proven successful corporates!


Leading & Lagging KPI's are

Your targets and KPI's may be all over the place. What use are targets and KPI's if they push you to the wrong place?
We'll cover how you can setup your KPI's so that they actually help you.


you can succeed using KPI metrics

So you know your KPI's. Now what? We've got your back. We'll cover how you can setup a slick finance tracking system.
This will hold you and your team accountable and helps you achieve your goals.

About Rob te Braake

The big corporate world. That is where I started my career. A world full of management meetings, delegated responsibilities and clear KPI’s.

But after running several technology and consulting ventures across the globe, I realized that most small entrepreneurs lack the structure and insights that financial analysis and reporting brings.


That is the mission of Insight Matters:

Provide small agencies and consultancies the same insight and control that large companies have – at a fraction of the costs.

Rob te Braake
"We were looking to get clear vision to be decisive and prepared about our finances - partnering with Insight Matters was a game changer!"​
max hardy
Co-Founder and CEO - 10x Travel

Start working on your business

Today is the best day to start managing your business and your team on Key Performance Indicators

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