The finances of your online business.
It may feel like a maze.

You have many questions;
but no good answers

Questions Like:

✓  What numbers should I be tracking?

✓  What do my numbers really tell me?

✓  How much do I actually make on each product or project?

✓  Can I afford to hire this new person?

✓  How much cash should I keep in the bank?

Finance like a maze

What our Clients Say:

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Why Financial Insight Matters for Your Business

Grow Faster

Stop hoping that your efforts will pay off, and start knowing. Speed up your learning curve and improve your Return on Investment 

Improve Efficiency

Know where you are spending your money. Avoid making costly mistakes and unnecessary spending

Feel in Control

See what is going on with your numbers whenever, where ever. Get clear guidance what steps will take you to your goals.

Finally: Financial Reports & Analysis That Actually Help You

Monthly Financial Report

Extensive report that analyzes all financial metrics that matter for your business and gives you actionable advice how to improve

Walk Through Videos

Explainer video that gives context and color on top of your report – connecting the dots so you get more insight and more upside 

Regular Strategy Calls

High lights of the key conclusions with Simple straight forward advice to you and your team to improve your results

KPI Dashboard

Tailored key metrics identified & tracked to help you grow your business and achieve your goals

Executive Summary

The one page that tells you the overall story – where you are on track, and where you have opportunity to step up

KPI Benchmarks

Compare your progress to your tailored benchmarks -based on your goals and strategy

What The Insight & Analysis Looks Like:

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Online Dashboard

 Track Live data on all your KPI’s like Revenue, Margin and Cash Flow. 

Dive deeper for your own analysis

 Receive daily email updates

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Executive Summary

 Find out where you’re missing targets and where you are on track.

 See the key actions with the biggest impact

 Understand the actions you should take 

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Full Analysis by Expert Analyst

 Identify opportunities for additional growth or to reducte wasteful spending

 Drill down in the details of each KPI

 Understand the full picture of all KPI’s

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Video Walk Through

 Get an overall picture on all metrics interact with each other

 View whenever and as often as needed

 Understand our analysis at a deeper level

What is the Strategy Call?

A deep dive session in which dive in your business, your goals and your strategy. Together, we cover:


 Deeper review on your results and your strategy.
 Does you strategy still match your goals?
 How is the market changing and how can you benefit from that?


  What is your plan for the next period?

  What are your key priorities?

  What are the key risks you need to manage?

Monthly Investment Starting at $695.

No minimum commitments. Cancel any time.

How Insight Matters was a Game Changer for:

10x Travel

Manta Sleep

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Getting Started is Simple

Strategy Call

Strategy Call with your Finance Analyst to clarify your business, strategy and goals

Connect Your Data

Connect your cloudbased bookkeeping software and other relevant tools

Tailor Your Dashboard

Together we select the right metrics that help you achieve your goals

Who We Serve

Agencies & Consultancies

Agency & consultancy
  • Insight in where you’re making your profits – which clients or products are actually making a profit, and where are you losing money. 
  • Manage and improve your cash flow, removing the doubt and worry about your cash position. 
  • Focus on the right marketing channels to maximize the ROI on your marketing investments.  


IM e-Commerce
  • Understand the real profitability of your products
  • Manage your cash flow and your inventory – no more running out of inventory or inventory related cash crunches
  • Manage your working capital to make sure your money works even harder than you do.

Other Digital Businesses

IM - Other Digital Businesses

We help a wide range of online businesses.

No matter if you run one or a portfolio of content websites, sell online courses or run a productized service:

Our team can help you get more Insight in your numbers that helps you increase profitability and grow faster.

Our Management Team

Rob te Braake - Insight Matters

Rob te Braake


Rob is a Dutch serial entrepreneur with 10+ years experience. Started in banking in the Netherlands, co-founded a technology & investment firm based in Beijing, China and has guided dozens of digital companies as Financial advisor. <br> Master degrees in Finance and Strategy. <br><br>Location independent since 2018, and has since lived and worked from Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Maj Juico

Maj Juico

Co-founder & COO

7+ years’ Corporate experience in External & Internal Audit, Controllership and Risk Management mostly focused on Retail, Hospitality, E-Commerce and Consulting industries <br> Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) <br><br> Wine & Whiskey enthusiast – WSET Level 2 equivalent in training (not certified)

Our Mission

The big corporate world. 

That is where I started my career. A world full of management meetings, delegated responsibilities and clear KPI’s.

I quickly learned that I could learn much more by going the entrepreneurial route. But after running several technology and consulting ventures across the globe, I realized that most small entrepreneurs lack the structure and insights that financial analysis and reporting brings.

And that makes sense – a 10 person agency, or 7 figure e-Commerce business doesn’t need a full time CFO and all the corporate structures. But they do need the insight it brings to make better decisions and improve the profits.

So together with my co-founder Maj, we started Insight Matters with a simple Mission:

Provide online business owners the same insight and control that large companies have – at a fraction of the costs.

Insight Matters is a
Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Platinum Program Badge

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work with my software?

We can work with pretty much every cloud-based bookkeeping tool.

No, those two fields are complex and very location and situation specific. Where possible, we are happy to recommend trusted partners for advice in these fields.

Can I trust you with my data?

We understand that it is scary to give outsiders access to the most sensitive data of your business.

We value your privacy, we do not share your data with anyone, nor will we share anybody else’s data with you.

We only work with reputable and secure tools to process your data.

Do you have a free trial?

We are a service business – our team of analysts works with you from day one. So unlike a software business, we cannot offer a free trial.

We most often start with setting out your game plan. This is a one-time engagement, without any additional commitment from your side. 

If you are unhappy with our service, you can cancel at any time, we don’t have any minimum commitments.

Do you offer bookkeeping services?

Our focus is on providing Insight & Analysis based on the reports of your bookkeeper. 

If you are unhappy with your current bookkeeping, we can take over and ensure timely and accurate bookkeeping that is the foundation for real insight.

Get In Touch:

Ready to get clarity?

Let’s get your online business to the next level. Together.

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