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In the realm of high-growth ambitions, this supplement brand stands as a beacon, employing a multi-channel strategy bolstered by an enticing subscription option. 

Our collaborative journey with them is a testament to the dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, with the ultimate goal of achieving significant market expansion.

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Our primary challenge revolves around unravelling the intricacies of profitability.

We strive to comprehend the nuances per subscriber, per channel, and per product group. The ambiguous payback period and the intricacies of forecasting cash flow pose challenges in optimising marketing spend and inventory purchasing.



To tackle these challenges head-on, we’ve implemented a strategic solution:

  • Redesigned Chart of Accounts (CoA): A fundamental restructuring to bring clarity to our financial transactions.
  • Clear KPIs and Priorities: Establishing key performance indicators aligned with our overarching goals.
  • Visual KPI Dashboard: Implementing a comprehensive dashboard for real-time monitoring and strategic decision-making.
  • Revisited Cash Flow and Purchase Planning: Meticulously reviewing cash flow dynamics to optimise marketing spend and inventory purchasing.

"3x Growth over 2 years"

"3x Growth over 2 years"



The results of our strategic efforts have been remarkable:

  • 3x Growth in 2 Years: A testament to the effectiveness of our strategic overhaul.
  • Controlled CAC and ACOS: Achieving sustainability through a careful understanding and optimization of customer acquisition cost and advertising cost of sales.

Our journey reflects a commitment to growth and financial clarity. As we chart our course through challenges, our experience underscores the transformative power of strategic planning and optimization.


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