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“A week into it I realized I should have done this years ago”

Mark Zhang I Manta Sleep

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your potential

Finance is more than making the numbers add up. It's about uncovering critical insights that will drive your business growth.

Finance connects

every part of

your business

Should I launch a new product or double down? Can I afford to expand my team? What happens if our revenue drops overnight?

We started Insight Matters with a clear mission: Provide online business owners better Insights to answers these and other big questions.

Grow faster

Improve efficiency

Get control



Stop hoping and start knowing.
Increase your return on investment and drive growth based on data driven insights.

Learn where you are investing wisely.
And where you can cut-out unnecessary expenditure.

24/7 visibility on your operational numbers. Get clear guidance what steps will take you to your goals.




“Absolutely essential
knowledge for any CEO”

Ashley Pemberton | Founder Overnight.Design

Mark Zhang | Manta Sleep

“It just saved me so much time, headache, and trouble, and I’m really glad that we got to work together.”

Max Hardy | 10x Travel

“It’s a game changer …I would really, really recommend Insight Matters and working with them on this.”




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